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We have and have had over many years, brilliant owners, sponsors and supporters and still have room for more! We believe we are pretty good at giving everyone a good time and good value with Team Bleekman.
A major company sponsor would be brilliant to have on board – Clissy had the backing of firstly Wadham Stringer – major car retailers – then Intercept Alarms and finally the supermarket giants Gateway Foodmarkets who evolved into Somerfield supporting her in her career which made it all possible. Our sport has so much to offer Sponsors and we are happy to talk to anyone as to what is possible.
We have some wonderful owners with their own horses here with us and can always take on more.
Leasing one of our current horses is also an option – being an owner made easy!

We are also keen to bring syndicates in as owners – either to lease a horse, or horses, from us or to bring their own horse to join our string.

Our Sponsors
Antares – Antares have invited Althea, along with Katie and Janou to join their "Circle A" which is very exciting! All Both girls now ride in Antares jumping and dressage saddles and wear their brilliant hats. "The Antares saddles are a standard above any saddle I have ever ridden in – I won't ride in anything else. The hats are also incredibly comfortable and stylish" says Althea.
Rabo Talentteam – Althea is very proud to be selected onto the 2013 talentteam. The support and coaching she will receive is going to be invaluable. A huge help to her!
Marksway Horsehage – have been great with their support and sponsorship and Althea has been proud to join them. Top quality feed, easy to transport – a super product with a great record of success with feed and riders.
Rodney Powell Back Protectors – “Uncle Rodney” is Katie’s Godfather and makes the best products in his field. His back protectors are the best.
Mark Todd Clothing – Mark and Carolyn Todd (Katie’s godmother) have always been great – the Todd’s and the Bleekman’s go back beyond Mayhill to far earlier days. Mark Todd rugs and clothing pop up all over Team Bleekman!
Spillers – are helping us with their feed which is, and always has been, the best. It was even possible to have a delivery to our truck in Portugal – service!
Style Products – Not one member of Team Bleekman would show jump or go cross country without the Style boots. They are fantastic quality and give the horses the best protection possible.
Selwood Equine Selwood are now supplying us with their wonderful range of clothing which looks - and feels amazing! It is brilliant to feel so well dressed in such up to date and comfortable kit.
Silverfeet Our farrier loves Silverfeet hoof balm and we have noticed the difference in a very short space of time in the quality of our horses feet - they look stronger and healthier than they ever have.
Protexin The protexin range is really making a difference with our "tricky doers" - they look really well and seem to be working better all the time. we are very happy!
United Konsultants Supports businesses in all the activities and phases from product design, marketing, strategy and IT. We are thrilled to be working forward with their backing.
Our owners
We are always ready to welcome new owners who always seem to become the greatest of friends as we set off on the competition trail together. Our current faithful band are:
The Venderbosch family – The Venderbosch's have bred Ziomf and Anmarsch (two of Altheas rides) at their Stud in Holland. They are great friends of the family and have enjoyed seeing Ziomf flying up the grades so much that they decided to add another horse into their venture with Team Bleekman. Anmarsch is a lovely type of horse and has a lot of potential. We love spending time with them in Holland especially at their International event – Varsseveld.
Nui's superstar Granntevka Prince is owned by David and Gerry Mills who are the best, we have had such fun with them since Prince joined us at Whorridge. Prince's sister is joining us for 2015 - the royal family grows! Granite Lady (like Prince, an offspring of our great stallion Grannex) belongs to Imogen Rogers-Nash who with her super family are more backers who are brilliant. And Jennie Frewen and family are equally enthusiastic with their support of their wonderful Catch Up Quick with Nui. The other Prince - Prince Apollo - is still followed diligently by previous rider Anna Heywood and her family – we are so lucky to have these owners!
In 2014 we had young horses here competing with Alfie and Nui for the Nasse and Henegan families and for Mirabel Helme who were all great fun. Liz Scott is joining us with her Moorland Magic who will start this season in BE100 and we aim to move up to 1* during the year. We need owners like this who love our sport as we do.
Althea, Janou and Team Bleekman have some wonderful sponsors and supporters, but competing at the top level in England and Europe requires financial support and we are always looking for more sponsors to join our family!
Promotional Opportunities
Endorsement by one of the most experienced and respected competition families in England and Europe
Horse ownership which includes the possibility of naming the horse, recognition in event programmes, sponsor being announced on loudspeaker and on TV commentary
Display business logo on jackets and clothing worn by riders and helpers
Display business logo on saddlecloths and rugs worn by horses
Involving Althea and Janou in promotional and marketing activities
Riders available for appearances, Press releases, Adverts and Pictures
Sponsors acknowledged on website and in blogs
Enjoying media coverage at major events on television and radio and in newspapers
Corporate hospitality and free entry to events, a novel way to entertain clients and business partners at magnificent venues
The Benefits of Association with Team Bleekman and Eventing
Connection with a good clean-image sport and glamorous, top riders and team
Association with Olympic Games and National and International Championships
Direct contact with personable, young and promising International Event riders
Tangible association with a growing sport (6-fold increase in European fixtures within a decade)
Highest number of spectators on a single day  for any European sporting event  (180,000 spectators at Badminton Horse Trials)
Targeting an affluent audience ; demographic profile of competitors and owners AB 63% & C1 37% and of spectators AB 52% & C128% (highest in UK)
Targeting an audience over a wide age profile in spectators and competitors
High exposure sport with an average three of competition days per week during the season and Internationals lasting up to five days
Potential to extend the company’s media coverage through nearly 1,500 hours of equestrian sport broadcast yearly by 31 international broadcasters to a potential 300 million viewers in 160 countries
Access to quality hospitality at magnificent venues including the grounds of numerous famous private stately homes all over Europe
Participation age profile over a far greater range than most sports enabling a long term relationship with the riders
The sport’s unique feature – the cooperation between rider and horse – encourages the development of responsibility and respect in young people
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All details of Team Bleekman – Past, Present and Future can be found elsewhere on our website.
If you and/or your company could be interested in sponsoring or joining Team Bleekman, please contact us at info@teambleekman.co.uk